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Cantonese foods tote bag

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    It's all about the food, folks! Made of 100% cotton canvas, this roomy tote bag features some Canto cuisine faves + commonly said phrases when it comes to eating.

    Perfect for: getting groceries, making someone hungry, showing love for Canto comfort eats 

    Here's what these words mean:
    Sik lah (食啦) - eat now
    Bolo bao (菠蘿包) - pineapple bun
    Gon chow ngau hoh (乾炒牛河) - stir fried noodles with beef
    Yau tiu (油條) - Chinese doughnut
    Yum cha (飲茶) - literally means drink tea but it's also what dim sum is called
    Sik joh fan may ah (食咗飯未呀) - have you eaten yet
    Ho sik (好食) - tastes good
    Ho yau (蚝油) - oyster sauce
    Foong jow (鳳爪) - literally means phoenix claw but it's what chicken feet are called
    Bau may ah (飽未呀) - are you full
    Siu app (燒鴨) - roasted duck
    Long an (龍眼) - Longan fruit
    Hoi seen (海鮮) - a kind of condiment that's sweet + salty
    Lap cheong (臘腸) - Chinese sausage
    Mai dan (埋單) - can we get the bill


    • 100% cotton canvas
    • 14" W x 14.5" H x 3.75" D
    • Handle drop: 11.25"
    • Do not machine wash/dry
    • Spot clean only
    • Do not iron printed areas
    • Printed in Canada

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    Cantonese food tote bag by I&
    Cantonese food tote bag by I&
    Cantonese food tote bag by I&
    Cantonese food tote bag by I&