Cantonese sayings


Our coil bound notebooks with lined pages make for easy lie flat note-taking.
Perfect for: expressing all the feels, practicing Canto slang, snarky linguists

Here's what these words mean:
Yeet hay (熱氣) - referencing a Chinese medicine thing about eating foods that cause heat in the body, leading to pimples, sore throats, canker sores, etc.
Wei? (喂) - not really slang, it's how we say hello on the phone
Ga yau (加油) - go for it, more effort, literally means add gas
Aiya (哎呀) - an interjection that can be used to express everything!
Ho duk yee (好得意) - so cute
Chee seen (黐線) - crazy, literally means stuck/crossed wires
Fai dee lah (快啲啦) - hurry up
Yook shoon (肉酸) - gross, ewww
Ma ma day (麻麻哋) - so so, just OK
So ma fan (麻煩) - so annoying, fussy, what a pain, irritating, a lot of bother
Mo saw wai (無所謂) - whatever, doesn't matter

Sized 7.5" x 9.75" / Coil bound / 110 lined pages
Printed on FSC-certified 130lb + 60lb uncoated stock